Newsletters can be a real bitter/sweet asset.

If designed well they can be very appreciated by the receivers. And designing a nice newsletter on a regular basis can be time consuming.

Our Automated Newsletter solution works like a post office. On a schedule that you set up, the system looks at certain categories of content, and it picks up anything new that has not been included in a prior delivery, and the system lays these out perfectly within the newsletter showing intro graphics, text, links, and anything else included in the articles and content you have already published through the week.

If you have something hot that needs sent right away, no problem.  Ad-hoc, or on-demand newsletters are a snap!  Just pop in, create the content, set the subscriber list and send.


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Online Marketing & Management Tools

Automated Newsletter Systems

Set a schedule, create content and deliver messages quickly, cheaply and on time!

Social Network Integration

Immediately share content to and from your website and your social networks.

Powerful Self-Management

Many components can be automated to expand the reach of every business effort.


Content-Driven Marketing

You know your business. When you write about your products and promotions, people listen.

Easily Inform Customers

When you are ready to promote a product, service or event, success is a few clicks away!

Clear, Measurable Statistics

Refined visitor statistics allow you to see who clicked what, when, and how long they visited, and much more.


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