Why Grow It Online?

You're busy running your business. With Grow It OnlineTM as the infrastructure of automation and data tools, set it, forget it and get back to working on your business. Powerful, Secure Website Hosting and Application Development tools are available with quick self-setup or rapid development by us.

SSL Website Hosting

I Love SSLWhat is SSL?  Get secure from the start with Grow It OnlineTM SSL Website Hosting. Proper use of Secure Sockets Layer is largely a requirement in 2017-2018 for any website that can accept any data entry and will provide a priority treatment in search results.  Learn more about SSL.

PCI DSS Compliant

PCI DSS CompliantPCI DSS Compliance: Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS) is an information security standard for organizations that handle branded credit cards from the major card schemes. We are a proud Authorize.net Partner, and a Secure Website Hosting provider.

Professional Joomla! Technical Service

Professional Joomla! Development and Website Technical Services at great rates!


Joomla!We have expert Joomla! experience and can easily and quickly manage the following services for you:

  • Migrate existing Joomla! websites from older versions to latest secure version

  • Consult and advise selection and installation of extensions to advance functionalities

  • Template design and customization

  • Content development and management

  • Repair website after virus or hack instance

  • Lock up and secure a Joomla! website


With our Web Attendant plans, you can purchase 4 hours for $150, or 10 hours for $300, which is enough hours to cover most tasks including migration from older, outdated versions of Joomla! to latest, secure versions.

Reach out today for more information and a quote, or visit the Tech Shop and purchase a Web Attendant plan, Secure Website Hosting or a full Website Development package.

Website Development Guided by SCRUM Practices

  • Guided by SCRUM
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Design
  • Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • Deployment
  • Release To Market

Agile SCRUM RequireAnalysis

Guided by SCRUM

We apply an Agile focus that SCRUM software development process provides.

SCRUM is a methodology that removes obsticles that impede development to completion in short time.

Agile SCRUM RequireAnalysis

Requirements Analysis

Understand the "as-is" state of the project - iterate and sprint to market.

User Experience (UX) success increases when transparent discovery and analysis reveals effective guidelines for User Interface (UI) Design.

Agile SCRUM Design


UX / UI Design requires an awareness of human interaction and expectations of how that application should respond to Users' needs to provide excellent User Experience (UX).

Constant interplay with Development.

Agile SCRUM Development


Designs and technical functions and features are engineered, coded as Development Teams build the magic behind the scenes of the Design.

Verify functions and work between Quality Assurance and Design Lead.

Agile SCRUM QualityAssurance

Quality Assurance

Qualifying all functionality including data capture, processing and display in this area is critical end of re-iterations and sprints before market acceptance and conversions.

Hand-off to Deployment, then Launch!

Agile SCRUM Deployment


This is an exciting time as we move from staging servers to the Internet and verify real-world UX of the live project in a soft-launch state before releasing to the market.

Hand-off to The MARKET !

Agile SCRUM ReleaseToMarket

Release to Market

The fun has begun!

With social connections and engaging content with SEO techniques applied, you're open for business!


Open-source software (OSS) is computer software with its source code made available with a license in which the copyright holder provides the rights to study, change, and distribute the software to anyone and for any purpose. Open-source software may be developed in a collaborative public manner.   Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Open-source_software


Open Source is a great solution for small businesses because it is most normally free of charge and you can change it as you need the design to show your colors and logos. 


It is a way to make your on-a-shoestring-budget look as powerful as an organization with a full technical team on board.


WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal, Magento, ClipBucket and many more titles are available for all clients using our hosting packages.  You would login to your cPanel Web Admin portal, click the Software Install button, select from over 300 software titles, enter some login info and install the software.  It is at that point you may want to hire us or another programmer/designer to make the sofware 'your own' by changing the colors, logos, and layout and content of the site.


We have professional experience with these titles and can customize the software for you.  Contact Us to learn more and request a quote.


When You Hire Us To Develop A Full Website, You Can Build Upon These 4 Website Bundles

  • Do-It-Yourself

    The iStart Online plan is for the do-it-youself business and includes space, email, ftp, cPanel &FREE Website Software
    NO $ SETUP DO IT YOURSELF Purchase this plan and get a virtual garage full of FREE software tools to build your website with and full cPanel Administration to create email and admin accounts, monitor web stats and much more... Total Cost of Ownership
    Per Year

    about $8.36/month hosting Fee x11 months

    Annual hosting payments enjoy one month free!

    We develop a framework and apply your graphics and information and get you started with a complete, basic online presence
    $950 Apply tools that can connect to your friends and social networks, automatically send scheduled and on-demand newsletters, enter new content any time you need or want, plus the full cPanel Administration to create email accounts, monitor web stats, create admin accounts and much more... Total Cost of Ownership
    Per Year
    $950 Website Development +

    $144 Hosting/yr =

    $1,094 First Year

    $144/year Hosting thereafter.
    Annual hosting payments enjoy one month free!

    You know your business, and you're busy. We work closely with you to enable business activities including online transactions.
    $1,600 Upon the framework of your style and information we get you started with a SECURE complete online business that can accept payment transactions and allow you to access full accounting, inventory and storefront activities, and connect the social networks. Plus full cPanel Admin to create email & admin accounts, monitor web stats and more... Total Cost of Ownership
    Per Year
    $1,600 Website Development +

    $276 Hosting/yr =

    $1,876 First Year

    $276/year Hosting thereafter.
    Annual hosting payments enjoy one month free!

    cPanel Administrator Panel, Choice of Online Conference System with record & playback or VoIP/SIP telephony service w/ website package, and more.
    $2,250 Start your own TV or Radio operation with a full-featured Online Conference and Collaboration system with which you can invite colleagues, share files and whiteboard, record and playback events using links and calendars on your SSL-encrypted secure website! Plus cPanel Admin to create email & admin accounts, monitor web stats and more. Total Cost of Ownership
    Per Year
    $2,250 Website Development +

    $540 Hosting/yr =

    $2,790 First Year

    $540/year Hosting thereafter.
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4 Secure SSL Website Hosting Plans

  • Powerful SSL Key included, plus full control panel admin tools to create email accounts, monitor web stats, install from 300 free software titles, and so much more...
    5GB Space 5 Domains 5 SQL Databases $92/yr!

    12 months of secure SSL website hosting

    + optional domain

  • Powerful SSL Key included, plus full control panel admin tools to create email accounts, monitor web stats, install from 300 free software titles, and so much more...
    10 GB Space 10 Domains 10 SQL Databases $144 / year!

    12 months of secure SSL website hosting

    + optional domain

  • Powerful SSL installed, plus full control panel admin to create email accounts, monitor web stats, install from 300 free software titles, and so much more...
    20 GB Space 15 Email Accounts 15 SQL Databases $276 / year!

    12 months of secure SSL website hosting

    + optional domain

  • Powerful SSL Installed httpS://website.com - Control Panel Admin - Powerful ONLINE CONFERENCE System with record & playback , invite system, multi-rooms and more within website package, and more.
    40 GB Space
    (scaleable as unlimited)
    Meet and collaborate with colleagues by invite or schedule, share files, save session and make available for playback, and more! 25 Email Accounts and SQL Databases Annual payments enjoy one month free!
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FREE Popular Software


With Grow It Online Website Hosting Solutions, you get your own cPanel (control panel) to set up and configure your own Email Accounts, Web Stats, Databases and install from hundreds of FREE SOFTWARE programs.
Just to name a few:

Free Popular Software


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Grow It Online Website Development

KingsOfDataPromoteInternetSecurity Crier 2 done

Enterprise Resource Planning Open Source Software ERP

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) helps you build stronger customer relationships at scale by enabling you to deliver more memorable customer experiences in every interaction across the customer lifecycle.

Grow It OnlineTM Secure Website Hosting Plans include several free and open source ERP titles.


yeti dolibarr vtiger
YetiForce Dolibar Vtiger GroupOffice
And many more awesome titles

 All of these full-featured ERP systems are available to install for free with an iGrowItOnline, iGrowiItOnline Pro and the iGrowItOnline Power Suites Secure Website Hosting Plan.

Click to learn more.

What Will ERP Include? 
(Opens New Window to our Company Page Post on LinkedeIn

Hosting Perks

  • SSL Encryption >

    Whether you accept online payments or not, secure your website with SSL Encryption. Secure Website SSL Grow It OnlineEven simple websites with no data entry will benefit by migrating to proper SSL security measures no later than Spring 2018.

  • Free Software >

    Each Grow It Online TM Website Hosting Plan includes our FREE Software installer with over 300 titles from eComerce systems like Magento , PrestaShop or Zen Cart to blog and content management systems (CMS) like Wordpress, Drupal and Joomla!, you can find full invoicing and business management tools, all

  • cPanel Admin >

    With each Hosting account, you get a full-featured control panel (cPanel) for business management online. View your online files, databases, domains, email, traffic metrics, security configurations, software installations, CRON tasks, etc.

  • SSD Drive Performance >

    All Grow It OnlineTM Secure Website Hosting plans are on latest, fast SSD drives for quick User Experience! SSD drives (solid state drive) are much faster and robust than the older rotating hard drives, even on servers.

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Grow It Online Now

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Does my website need SSL protection?
Grow It OnlineTM Secure Website Hosting

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Web Attendant - Webmaster Support Plans

  • Web Attendant - Webmaster Support
  • Support 150
  • Support 300

Grow It Online
Web Attendant Support Plans


Grow It Online Web AttendantThe Grow It OnlineTM Web Attendant Support Plan is for clients who need some help getting started with something new, or content and marketing support with an existing website, or after the initial development of a web application or website is completed and management and marketing are required. We're here for ya.

Plans Include Pre-determined amount of hours of almost any kind of Website Technical work on your website.
(Don't ask about doing your laundry, please)

  • Initial Development to get started, as well as content development on a regular basis or as needed along the way after launch

  • SEO marketing

  • Social Network marketing


Support hours purchased do not expire, unless the project becomes defunct or the contract is terminated.


Support 150


Add to cart


The Support 150 Web Attendant plan from Grow It OnlineTM is an introductory plan to assist in getting just a few things done.

Maybe you'd like help setting up a Magento or Drupal website, or need help with an existing one but the work may only take a couple of hours. Mind you, some website work may appear simple on the outside, but depending on the framework and technical development in the first place, rest assured we've got you covered. 

With the Support 150 plan, we can get you underway with a cool, effective product, and includes FOUR hours of web work to set up your custom look, create categories and contacts, links and menus, and basic logo and information about your project.




Support 300


Add to cart


The Support 300 Web Attendant plan from Grow It OnlineTM is intended for the website owner with more demand for performance.

On a production website, a lot of work can go into managing content and traffic as marketing achieves its successes.

With the Support 300 plan, we work closely with you at all times to ensure when you want something adjusted or added to your online content, we're "Johnny-on-the-spot" to get it done for you, and includes TEN hours of web work to maintain, manage and market your project.



Online Marketing & Management Tools

Automated Newsletter Systems

Set a schedule, create content and deliver messages quickly, cheaply and on time!

Social Network Integration

Immediately share content to and from your website and your social networks.

Powerful Self-Management

Many components can be automated to expand the reach of every business effort.


Content-Driven Marketing

You know your business. When you write about your products and promotions, people listen.

Easily Inform Customers

When you are ready to promote a product, service or event, success is a few clicks away!

Clear, Measurable Statistics

Refined visitor statistics allow you to see who clicked what, when, and how long they visited, and much more.


Managed Web Attendant

GIOL Web Attendant

GrowItOnline.com's 'Johnny-On-The-Spot' Web Attendant Service provide a seemless connection between what you want to do right now, on your website and it getting done, right now.

When a great idea hits, or the market puts something really good in your lap, having the tools to get tasks accomplished promptly is paramount.  And sometimes we all need a little help from a friend. 

GIOL Web Attendant subscribers purchase a support plan which determines level of response time as we work closely with our clients to solve the unexpected demands of a rapidly evolving world of information and people.


Check Out The GrowItOnline.com Web Attendant Webmaster Plans


  • All
  • Conference
  • Curator
  • Development
  • Document
  • Free
  • Hosting
  • Learning
  • Management
  • Onlinemeeting
  • Open
  • Seo
  • Software
  • Storage
  • Support
  • Technical
  • Unique
  • Website
  • Default
  • Title
  • Date
  • Random
  • From a Do-It-Yourself package of website hosting space, email accounts at your domain name, FTP access, web analysis and more, to a complete custom software deployment developed to fit you rneeds, all of our plans include the freedom to manage with your own cPanel.

    • Hosting
    • Website
  • Grow It OnlineTM business and marketing tools enhance your plans for successful Internet marketing. Select from over 300 FREE SOFTWARE titles such as SugarCRM, Drupal, WordPress, Joomla!, phpBB, Magenta, Prestashop, and many more.  Install with a few clicks from your cPanel.

    • Free
    • Software
  • Our experienced Web Developers can manage current and legacy (old) data systems and/or create and deploy new custom software programs and efficiently manage these projects after launch. Our Johnny-on-the-spot Web Attendant plans are tailored to your needs and budget. Contact us for a quote today!

    • Development
    • Website
  • GrowItOnline.com is operated by IT Professionals with decades of experience in small and large scale computer networking hardware, software and security. Using Remote Management Tools we provide Advanced Technical Support for businesses and organizations.

    • Support
    • Technical
  • Open source software can be used, changed, and/or shared in modified or unmodified form by anyone, under certain terms. Many developers contribute to the open source software. Joomla!, Wordpress, Drupal, Magento, SugarCRM, Moodle, YetiForce ERP, etc...

    • Free
    • Open
    • Unique
  • If your company has been built on hard copy documents and you have years of copy that you need to have digitized, or if you are considering  upgrading from a paper system to a paperless, digital one, we can design a system for you!

    • Document
    • Storage
  • Colleges, Universities and many training facilities have taken advantage of the benefits of online learning. Let GIOL build a custom system for you that is based on industry leading, open-source software.
    • Learning
    • Management
  • Text is a magnificent thing today. GIOL has the expertise to collect, connect and/or curate libraries of digital data that can be found and utilized with the click of a mouse. Contact us today to learn more!
    • Curator
  • SEO - Search Engine Optimization is one of the keys to successful online marketing. In conjunction with other professional tasks, applying SEO to your strategy highly increases visibility of your website.
    • Seo
  • Audio & Video Online Conference System includes a shared whiteboard for upload and collaboration and full Administrator Tools for your office with select hosting plans. Invite Attendees and meet online!
    • Conference
    • Onlinemeeting

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